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Iris Theatre, 2020

Tristan Bates Theatre, 2019

Maiden Speech Festival, Tristan Bates Theatre, November 2019

"To die will be an awfully big adventure!"

Immerse yourself in the world of Dear Peter - an enchanting semi-autobiographical solo show exploring notions of a shifting identity through a collection of fragmented memories, a nostalgic soundtrack, and delicately comedic storytelling. In this poetic analysis of adolescence, female friendship, grief, heartbreak, and every memory that makes us who we are, one woman will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of her experiences, as she deconstructs her identity in relation to J.M. Barrie's seminal hero, Peter Pan.


Evangeline Dickson


Writer: Evangeline Dickson

Director: Kayla Feldman

Production Photography: Lexi Clare


"...incredibly tender, warm and honest. Dickson has a lovely stage presence, and brings us into her world effortlessly." - Within Her Words

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