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Right dishonourable friend

VAULT Festival, 2023

Maiden Speech Festival, Tristan Bates Theatre, November 2019

Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Rishi Sunak – She’s hardly the first Southerner to represent a Northern constituency. What she lacks in political experience, she makes up for in… charm?

When nepotism hire of the year, Perdita, is appointed as MP for the fictional Lancashire town of Ardenton, she thinks that her wealth of social experience and the fact that she’s the former Home Secretary’s Daughter, are all the qualifications that she needs, how wrong she is.


Perdita’s eyes are set on the top of the political ladder, but when the needs of her constituents start to get in the way and she’s faced with the choice of helping a young, queer constituent who’s in desperate need of support or her own political ambitions, which will she choose?


DAN - Eoin McKenna

PERDITA - Phoebe Batteson-Brown



Writers: Eoin McKenna and Phoebe Batteson-Brown

Director: Kayla Feldman

Producer: Maximillian Davey (for Metamorph Theatre)

Associate Producer: Dean Graham (for Metamorph Theatre)

Co-Producers: Eoin McKenna and Phoebe Batteson-Brown (for Enough Helen)

Sound Designer: Nima Chatrizeh
Lighting Designer: Laurel Marks

Production Photography: Lidia Crisafulli


"Directed with vigour and a bit of a twinkle from Kayla Feldman. " - The Guardian

"Kayla Feldman's clear-sighted production is astute enough to respect the Queer trauma it depicts, even as the heart sinks at its enduring relevance." - Ought To Be Clowns

★★★★ "A brilliant performance." - All That Dazzles

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