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The Arc: A trilogy of jewish plays

15-26 August 2023, Soho Theatre

Maiden Speech Festival, Tristan Bates Theatre, November 2019

A trilogy of brand new short plays by three of the UK’s leading Jewish playwrights. The Arc is a world premiere of three brand new short plays by Ryan Craig, Amy Rosenthal and Alexis Zegerman, exploring Birth, Marriage and Death through a distinctly Jewish lens. The Arc shines a contemporary light on the cycle of Jewish life, and what it means to live as a Jew in 2023.

Birth by Amy Rosenthal

In the aftermath of their Golden Wedding celebrations, Michael and Lynda are surprised by an uninvited guest. Will Naomi’s visit be the marzipan on the fruitcake, or is she a fruitcake; and has she arrived – once again – at the wrong time?


Marriage by Alexis Zegerman

“We deserve more in common than just being Jewish, don’t we?”

One date. Thousands of years of exile. A million possibilities.


Death by Ryan Craig

A humorous look at how ancient death rites can bring a family together, even after it’s been torn apart by divorce, illness, narcissism and neurosis.


LYNDA - Caroline Gruber


NAOMI/SARA - Dorothea Myer-Bennett

ADRIAN - Sam Thorpe-Spinks

EVA/LEAH - Abigail Weinstock

DAN - Adrian Schiller

ADAM - Dan Wolff


Director: Kayla Feldman

Producer: Emanate Productions

Set Designer: Verity Johnson

Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher
Lighting Designer: Laurel Marks

Assistant Director: Olivia Munk

Stage Manager: Waverley Moran

Production Photography: Danny With A Camera


★★★★★ "Directed with a knowing eloquence by Kayla Feldman" - LondonTheatre1

★★★★ "A diverting and continuously engaging evening" - Plays to See

★★★★ "Rich and varied [...] what a treat." - Longstaff Reviews
★★★★ "Homely and humorous" - Rated Reviewed

★★★★ "Impeccably staged and directed by Kayla Feldman" - I Thank You Theatre

★★★★ "Director Kayla Feldman’s creative vision blends modern and traditional elements seamlessly on stage, crafting a wonderful atmosphere that feels authentic." - West End Evenings

★★★★ "Director Kayla Feldman has handled the material beautifully – the events all take place round a table - and gets lovely performances all round from her casts." - ReviewsGate

★★★★ Jewish Renaissance

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