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White Bear Theatre, 2021

★ standing ovation award runner up

"I love her. I'm lost without her."

"That's not the same thing. Don't you see? That's not the same thing."

Envious of his best mate's care-free life and wild nights out, Dan suddenly splits up from his long -term girlfriend. Unexpectedly, he soon falls head over heels for Sam after a chance meeting at the pool. But for reasons he cannot explain or admit to himself, Dan keeps their new relationship a secret. Over the hot summer months, as they fall deeper in love and the truth comes out, Dan is forced to confront his prejudices and fears and ask if he must choose a lane in life. Funny, frank and sexy, SWIMMING returns to the White Bear after a sell out run in 2019 to tussle with big, twenty-first century questions around choice, taboos, and the conflict of identity.


DAN - George Jones

SAM - Dominic Rawson

MARIANNE - Rose Dickson

ANT - Andy Sellers


Writer: Alex Bower

Director: Kayla Feldman

Producer: Eve Burns

Assistant Director: Shira Kaliski

Lighting Designer: Holly Ellis

Sound Designer: Anna Short

Composer: Arthur Sawbridge

Publicity: Chris Hislop

Production Photography: Lidia Crisafulli


★★★★ "I commend Kayla Feldman's meticulous construction of emotional fluctuations throughout the play [...] This is a play that will stay with you. It's a sexy, rough-around-the-edges work that I can only imagine reverberating into the queer canon for many years to come." - A Younger Theatre

★★★★ "Theatre at its best – a good story elegantly told [...] a choreographed interplay courtesy of Kayla Feldman’s keen eye and sensitive direction." - London Pub Theatres

★★★★ "An all-round excellent piece of theatre." - The Basic Theatre Review

★★★★ "This is the type of theatre you should be watching." - Pocket Size Theatre

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