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Theatre503, January 2018

J is optimistic, bubbly, and excited for life. She’s ready to settle down and begin the family that she’s always dreamed of, and she’s finally found the perfect person to do that with: K. Except that K is cynical, independent, and uncertain about her future. But opposites attract… right? Lobster is a modern-day love story, exposing the universal pressures on the millennial generation in an intimate and heart-breaking new comedy. In Snapper Theatre’s debut production, writer Lucy Foster paints the struggle of two women desperate to love each other, even when love simply isn’t enough.


K: Louise Beresford

J: Alexandra Reynolds


Writer: Lucy Foster

Director: Kayla Feldman

Producer: Julia Mucko

Designer: Jamie Simmons

Sound: Annie May Fletcher

Lighting: Joseph Ed Thomas

Assistant Director: Charlotte Everest

Stage Manager: Ellie Haffenden


"Quietly revolutionary." - Victoria Sadler

"The deft production is acted with simple sincerity and, with its wry humour and flailing characters, the play is enormously endearing" - Sam Marlowe, The Times

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Production Photos: Ali Wright

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