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vulnerability in performance

Providing actors and directors with the tools to leave their comfort zone whilst keeping themselves safe, encouraging them to be vulnerable but also know their rights in the room and set boundaries, which in turn allows everyone in the room to do their best work. This workshop aims to bridge the gap between encouraging vulnerability and providing the tools to do so safely.

Your workshop showed me different techniques that I can use in order to tap into my feelings without traumatising myself even further - I also left the workshops feeling completely refreshed and motivated.


Sophia de Souza, former Caspa Arts student

contemporary monologues

Whether as a long-form course or a one-off workshop, I work with actors in groups and one-to-one through the whole process, from selecting monologues to character development and staging to redirection and dealing with the unexpected in auditions.

Kayla provided a unique approach in that no person or actor is the same which encouraged me to bring my individuality and personal experiences in to the work and how to harness these attributes within a role. Kayla’s deep understanding of the human condition and willingness to understand me as a person allowed me to further explore the choices and feelings of a character within the performance.

Lucas Pidgeon, Mountview student

text analysis

I teach various aspects of text analysis for actors at all levels, from the structure of stories and big picture elements of table work to the minute details of character, actioning, imaginary lines, and practical aesthetics. These workshops include character development through improv, researching a role, sight reading, and scene study.

I feel like I have grown immensely in those 12 weeks and not just as an actor but as a person, as myself (or really I should say it helped to find myself again).


Bernadett Szabo, former IDSA student


Working with classical and contemporary monologues as well as duologues and scenes, these workshops include monologue selection, sight-reading, applications and cover letters, self-tapes, audition rooms and boundary-setting, and the audition process.

Our classes together have done wonders for my confidence, helped me foster an appreciation for my own individuality and empowered me to experiment with different forms of creative expression.


Kelly King, Mountview student

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